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Crack: T-Rex Rampage

Title: T-Rex Rampage
Rating: R for exposure of male anatomy
Pairing: T-Rex House/Penguin Wilson...?

Warnings/Notes: Crack. This spawned from a comment-conversation between landshark1129 and I that can be found here.

Disclaimer: House is not mine. Neither is the penguin. Nor the T-Rex. Nor the anonymous runner.

Many thanks to delphinapterus for giving me a link to House's face. I could not for the life of me find one. =)

Under the cut, in case large pictures bother you.

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David Hewlett (DH)

Crack: DDX - House/Wilson, Foreman/Chase, Cameron/Girl's Bathroom

Title: A DDX Scene From 3x11 Words And Deeds
Rating: PG-13 for implications and naughty words
Spoilers: There's a (in my opinion) not too spoilery screen cap from episode 3x11 that is used excessively, but other than that, none.
Warnings: Crack (and it's not even really good crack). Brain-meltage, maybe? It's horrible enough to cause at least temporary damage. There are so many parts that make no sense, even to me.

A/N: This is what happens when I stay up till 3 am. T.T

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David Hewlett (DH)

Fic: [untitled] - House/Wilson

Withdrawal from perspi's fic (No Little Charity. Go read it; it's absolutely mindblowing.) has forced me to write something completely random.

Rating: PG-13… ish
Warnings/Notes: Shock collars and unbeta’d-ness abound. Quickly scraped together in fifteen minutes, so it will be a mess of errors.
Disclaimer: If I actually owned House, MD, I wouldn’t be writing FICTION about it. It would all be NON fiction.

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